What We Do?

Account Services

WeChat  Official Account Registration

The firt step is to start e-commerce with China.

We create your custom brand name on the screen. We carry out this complex and bureaucratic process for you.

WeChat Store Installation

We are setting up a store specific to your brand.

WeChat Mini Program Installation

We install Mini Program for your brand.

Account Management

WeChat Account Management

We desing and manage your store and / or Mini Program.

Marketing Services

WeChat Account Promotion and Advertising

We advertise your brand.

WeChat Campaign Management

We create campaigns for products.

WeChat Payment and E-Commerce

We help with sales payments.

Apply for WeChat Official Account

The Easiest Way to Reach 1 Billion WeChat Users

  • Let's get your official account registration ...
  • Take your place in the big Chinese market with your own brand ...
  • Your followers can buy your product with WeChat Pay with one click…

HTML Store or Mini Program Installation with WeChat

Mini Program Example

HTML Store Example

With our Chinese expert team, you can be sure that your store design will be the most understandable for your followers.

Easily track many transactions such as product introduction, messages, payments, cargo tracking from your store.

WeChat Mini Program Features

  • Store Management
  • Product and Inventory Control
  • Integration Management
  • International Payment with WeChat Pay
  • Member Management
  • Event Management
  • Data and Statistics
  • Marketing Tools
  • Order Management
  • Distributor Management
  • Language Transitions
  • Other Features

Store Management

Create exciting content for your followers

Custom Page Design for Your Store

Interact with your followers through your campaigns.

Product Oriented Mini Program and Poster Design

Stay productive with your automatic product promotion messages

Product Installation and Update Operations

Best WeChat Promotion and Advertising

Online Marketing

New Media Marketing

Source Cooperation

Community Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Content Marketing

Shopping Mall Transformation

Distribution Promotion

Short Video Works

WeChat Payment and E-Commerce

Just today, with over WeChat WeChat Turkey Start Selling

WeChat open a store using a variety of tools with Turkey and make product sales in China has never been so easy.